Pradamas Gifarry

An ninety-years-old boy who interested in football, photography, and of course, writing. Currently still pursuing his study in University of Brawijaya, studying urban and regional planning. Photography has became his biggest interest since he was 16, where he has built positive vibes and good image of himself. He is a big fan of London-based football club, Arsenal FC, yet just cheering them on his couch and still wondering to visit the Emirates someday

This page is his, place to share his photograph and thought towards everything he love or want to share. You may disagree about his thoughts and feel free to have a discussion with him.

  • Twitter: @thepragive
  • Instagram: @thepragive
  • Facebook: Pradamas Gifarry
  • Flickr: thepragive
  • Email: pradagiffary@rocketmail.com
  • Email 2: thepragive@outlook.com
  • Contact: +62 878 8799 8214

Need his CV?

Pradamas Gifarry Curriculum Vitae (via Google Drive)


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