It has been a month that I’ve never touched my camera again due to my activity in the URP as I’ve been in 2nd semester, not a freshman anymore. Soon, one of my lecturer gave us a task to make a video about clean water issue and must be uploaded to YouTube before April 15th 2018 (I’ve uploaded it, check on my YouTube channel).

We make it in a group of five and the duration of the video is about 1 minute to 1 minute and-a-half. Me and my group agreed to make it soon after the class finished on April 13th. I was on my way home and I need to charge my camera first. Unfortunately, I was fell asleep while waiting for my camera to be fully charged. So, the plan need to be cancelled as the girls couldn’t stay up all night. We agreed to make the video tomorrow at 8.

My camera has been fully charged and I think I must do something with this. Photo hunt? I was thought to do that kind of activity after I’ve never do it for a couple of months. I packed my camera, put it to my bag, and turned on my motorcycle to go to Kayutangan, near the city plaza.

So here are the photos. Hope y’all like it.

Thepragive out. See you next time.


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