2017: La Grande Storia


It’s more than a week that 2018 has gone, but it’s never too late to look back again to 2017. Personally, twenty-seventeen has been such an outstanding journey. Laugh, tears, sorrow, hope, sacrifice, and many more just like a number of years before, but 2017 has changed myself so much. First three or four months, I was struggling for a place in a university, also studying for my national exam. Unfortunately, those struggle and sacrifice being wasted. I was failed, nearly all of my university enrollment, before I was accepted in URP Brawijaya University. All my fail was made me upset, it was like all of your struggles mean nothing. All my rosary prayers mean nothing. God, you must be joking. Nonetheless, the result must be taken and I should be grateful, as I wanted to take URP as my major since I was an 11th graders.

Another difficulties, Brawijaya is in Malang. It means that I should move there, about 900 km in distance. Of course, new place, new culture, and new surrounding. I have never visited East Java and my arrival in Malang was my first time visit East Java. I’m a Javanese ethnicity and grown up in Jakarta. Both my parents are from Central Java, so I already know some of the culture and could understand Javanese phrases. In East Java, the culture is much different compared to the central.

First couple months in Malang was a scrimmage. No mom and dad, no families, no homies, all alone. Luckily, all of those suffers didn’t take a long time, I got some friends here, who are in the same fate. First couple months in a college wasn’t that hard. Sometimes, I could ride my motorbike at night just for a hangout or took a cup of coffee. Time flies, and I arrived in November, when a ‘big task’ was given. It took our energy, health, time, and money. The last word is the real problem, as I was live in Malang only with my friends and none of us who already have a salary. My expenditure is totally from my parents, they transfer me some money every month. Slowly, I could adapt well in those kind of situations. I was slightly disappointed on my GPA, I expect much better than this number. Later, my girl told me that it wasn’t a bad result and no need to regret. We were cheering each other as we will facing our 2nd semester, but she was cheered me so much and I didn’t that much. I’m sorry.

Today, I’m counting days towards my 2nd semester in URP. Hopefully, it will run better than my 1st, yet it must be tougher.

Thepragive out. See you next time.


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