Mystreet Collective: Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to dusk

April 1, 2017, when most of street photographers around the world were hunted for street photos in their cities. Named 24 Hour Project, claimed that it is the biggest street photography event in the planet. The start hour is different for each city, depends on the time zone. In this event, we ought to post one photo per hour during April 1, from 00.00 a.m. to 23.59 p.m. In the other words, we will upload 24 photos in a day. Yet, it was just a little number of photogaphers who posted 24 photos.

The tagline was about refugees, told that no human is illegal. A Greece-based, non-profit-organisation which taking care of refugees, Lesvos Solidarity, were became the partner of the event. Thus, refugees was the topic and theme of the event.

In Jakarta, the event handled by Instastreetid JBDTB, which is a street photography community based in Jakarta and the Jabodetabek Metropolitan Area, The hunting was began at 7 a.m. around Glodok Chinatown, Asemka Market, Dharma Bakti Temple, Kota Tua, Monas, and Istiqlal Mosque. I left the hunting at 6.30 p.m. due to the weather, as the sky got darker, and finally rained just a second before my right foot entered the Transjakarta Shelter in Monas. For me, it was an exciting event, especially for those who are interested in street photography. There was a lot of people that you can talk and share about anything outside photography, means you can gain a relation with them. You can also learn some technique, captions, editing, and angles indirectly.

Good in overall, but I was upset because of the rain in the city. Praise to 24 Hour Project, I would like to give them some plaudits. Thank you, and I hope I will join again in 2018.

Here below are some photos, taken by me, during the day. Just click at a photo and you can click, press an arrow, or slide your screen to see another photo in a slideshow. The photos compliments with some information, such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Give your eves some pleasure


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