Mystreet Collective: Evening Shoot

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I was had a short photo hunt around Puri Kembangan, Jakarta. I already discovered that place a day before when I drove around there to have a look, as a café in the streetside was really a good object to shoot.

IMG_8473 a

The name is “Crematology”, very familiar name of coffee place for coffee lovers. Cozy place and perfect lightning make a good combination. It was dark and cloudy outside the café. Very recommended to all of you, coffee lovers.

I think it is enough for me to give an opening. You can look the rest of my best picture that I have taken there just after this words. If you want to see the picture more clearly, you can click one of the photo and just press the arrow, either left or right, or swipe it, to see the other photo that I have collaged, complete with the information, such as ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Please take a look and give your eyes some pleasure.




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