Mystreet Collective: The Gloomy Blue Hour (EN)


Gloomy Blue HourOctober 10, 2016, it’s my first hunting after 3 months of vacancy. I was not going anywhere to get some photos, and just had a short hunting is some places. The day, the destination was in Thamrin Street, a very familiar place for me. I’ve had been there for photo hunting in several times, but I never get bored of that place. The building, the street, the citylights, and of course, getting some long exposure photo taken from the crossing bridge.


Thamrin Street is one of the main roads in Jakarta. It is also the business center. The name “Thamrin” is taken from Indonesia’s national hero, Mohammad Husni Thamrin. It spans 2,5 km through 3 districs and 5 subdistrics. Along the road, we can see a lot of office buildings and shops. There are also Hotel Indonesia, the first 5-star-hotel in Indonesia which maintained by Kempinski and built in 1962 to celebrate the Asian Games IV. In front of it, there is Hotel Indonesia Runabout or Bundaran HI. It is one of the icon of Jakarta, which Selamat Datang Monument build in the centre of it.


It was a cloudy day, you can look on the picture above. But, as long as the rain don’t fall, we continue our journey. The darkness gave us a dramatic view.


There are 2 shopping malls near there: Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia. I captured the Plaza Indonesia from across the street. In the behind, some people go shop, go dine with their families and relatives while outside the mall, some people work for their family and rarely meet.


A long exposure photo taken from the crossing bridge near Bundaran HI. It was taken around 6 p.m. which means still in the “blue hour” time, the perfect time to get a perfect cityscape photos.


Still in the same place, just with a different angle. We can see Grand Hyatt Hotel across the road while shopping malls stand beside of it. And if we see in front of the hotel, there are some construction. It is a mass rapid transit (MRT) construction, which build since 2005 but still unfinished yet. Now, the construction is continued, facing the 2018 Asian Games.


And finally, the historical one, Hotel Indonesia Runabout.


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