Mystreet Collective: Traditional Costume Contest on Indonesia’s Independence Day 2016 (EN)

Traditional Costume

On August 17th 2016, Indonesia celebratedtheir 71st independence day. As usual, there are many competitions held, usually a day before the independence day, August 16th, every year. Balap karung, Tarik tambang, makan kerupuk, and panjat pinang are the main attraction during the independence day. Every neighbourhood make the celebration as unique as they can, even a school. Since elementary school, students have taught about nationalism and pride for being Indonesian. Those competitions and attractions also celebrated in the school, except panjat pinang, rarely arranged, due to its difficulties and most of students are not able to climb and get dirty.


The 71st Indonesia’s independence day in my school came with something different. The celebration held in 2 days, August 15th and August 16th, and August 17th for the flag ceremony. Something unique in this year is a traditional costume contest, while couple from each class wear a traditional costume. The traditional costume that will be worn were drawn by each provinces and culture.  Example: XI MIA 1 drawn to wear traditional Minahasa costume. The day come, the ‘bride’ were dressed theirselves at beauty as they can, while the ‘groom’ too.



The first couple came from East Java.


Jakarta is the city of metropolis, where every modern culture come here. But, the traditional Betawi costume took a part here. Abang none walked around the pitch and get cheered by their classmates and schoolmates.


Horas! Traditional Bataknese costume took a part here. The beauty of ulos worn by the groom and the bride.


Yogyakarta, where the Indonesian traditional cuisine, Gudeg, came from. Yogyakarta took a part in post-Indonesia’s independence, while being the capital of Indonesia after the fall of Jakarta to the Dutch.


The couple from my class, were drawn to wear traditional Sasak costume


The couple from Central Java came to the pitch with harmony. The groom walked gently, held the bride’s hand while she brought a bunch of flower.


Actually, there are still many traditional costumes appeared, such as Balinese, Minahasa, Borneo, etc. Rich in culture may not split us, but it is the thing that we must appreciate to be a strong country. As our motto “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, unity in diversity. Every difference from each religions, provinces, race, unite in one identity, under one flag, Merah Putih, as our pride of being Indonesian.


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